Calibration for Industrial and Personal Breathalyzers

Calibration Process

Breathalyzer Calibration for Andatech and AlcoSense breathalyzers

The calibration service is important to ensure the ongoing accuracy and reliability of your breathalyzer. We recommend 6-month calibrations on our breathalyzers. 

What is Calibration?
In short, it's a process where your breathalyzer has its sensor checked against a controlled solution and then 'adjusted' to read accurately again- think of it as a car servicing to keep things up and running.

Calibration Frequency
We recommend calibration every 6 months to maintain their accuracy during breathalyzer tests. Some personal models may require calibration sooner if they exceed 200 or 500 tests.

Calibration Process
Your breathalyser needs to come back to us either by mail or a drop-off. A calibration booking must be made over the phone (you may call either 03-7732 0488 or +6010 8373 790) prior to you sending it back.


Personal Breathalyzers Price Industrial Breathalyzers Price
  • AlcoSense Stealth
  • AlcoSense Verity
  • AlcoSense Pro (formerly AL6000)
  • AlcoSense Checkmate
  • AlcoSense Mini
  • AlcoSense Elite
  • AlcoSense Elite II
  • AlcoSense Volt
  • AlcoSense Zenith+
  • Wingmate
  • Wingmate Pro
  • Wingmate Rover


  • Andatech Prodigy series
  • Andatech Surety
  • Andatech Precision series
  • Andatech Soberpoint series
  • Andatech Soberlive
  • Andatech Workforce
  • Andatech Bartop
  • Andatech Accesspoint