Collection: Workplace Breathalyzers

Whilst breathalyzers are more commonly utilised by the police and individuals, many alcohol-related crimes and injuries happen within the workplace. If one or more employees have an addiction to alcohol, or are consistently arriving at work intoxicated, you need a fast and accurate means to gauge their blood alcohol levels. This is especially important in safety-critical industries such as mining, construction, oil & gas and manufacturing.

It is paramount for employers to promote a safe and productive work environment to ensure the general health and well-being or everybody within it. Andatech alcohol breath testers are known for providing fast and reliable results so that you can quickly and efficiently breath test your staff members.

Andatech professional workplace breathalysers are tested vigorously to Australian Standards to ensure accuracy and durability to maintain the workplace alcohol testing policy in your company. All our workplace alcohol breath testers use industrial grade fuel cell technology that remain stable and accurate even with high volume consecutive testing.

Weather you're a logistics company that's trying to prevent drink driving among your ranks, or if you're a mining company that needs to check that you're employees are not intoxicated before starting their duty, Andatech will have your back.

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