Personal Breathalyzers

Explore our range of Australian Standards Certified personal breathalysers from AlcoSense. If you’re unsure of which model to get, do feel free to contact us with your requirements to get a personalized recommendation.

Buy Personal Breathalyzers in Malaysia

AlcoSense personal breath testers provide accurate blood alcohol level readings. Our alcohol testing procedure is simple: turn on the unit, blow into it, and wait for your results. They are also easy to use, compact and affordable. Instead of opting for an alcohol test strip that has to be thrown away after one use, why not opt for a breathalyser, which can be used multiple times? Suitable for all people young and old, our personal breathalysers use simple one-button operation to provide fast, accurate readings. All AlcoSense breathalysers are eligible for a Lifetime Warranty under the AlcoSense Guarantee. This gives you peace of mind that our products will offer nothing short of exceptional results, every time. That’s what makes AlcoSense one of the best personal alcohol breath tester brands in Australia and New Zealand.

Unsure of which breathalyzer to buy? Compare personal breathalyzers here or give us a call. Our team will be happy to offer a recommendation on the best personal breathalyzer for your needs and budget. Find out why we’re deemed to be the best personal breathalyzer brand and service in Australia!


Breathalyzers for road safety

If you are unsure of your capability to drive, having a portable alcohol test can be a lifesaver. We mean this literally – many individuals who drive the next morning are unaware that they are still over the legal limit. This puts themselves at a greater risk of having an accident. It is a risk not only on the same night, but you could also risk drink driving the morning after a night of drinking. All it takes is a one-second delay on your usual reflexes to make a critical mistake.

Even if it’s not your mistake, not driving at your peak makes you less able to avoid other reckless or unsafe drivers. That’s why it’s important to test yourself even the morning after drinking. If you’ve had a lot to drink the night before, your BAC readings in the morning could still come up above 0 or even over the limit.


Alcohol breath testers trusted by Australians

Did you know that your blood alcohol content can continue to rise up to 3 hours after your last drink? Additionally, there are tons of factors that can affect BAC levels. This can include your weight, health, prior food consumption, and the type of alcohol you drank. Having an alcohol tester of your own allows you to breath test yourself anytime, so you can check your alcohol level whenever and wherever you need to.

Alcosense digital breath alcohol breath testers are trusted by Australians for their accuracy and reliability. Alcosense also has the most highly reviewed range of Australian Standards Certified alcohol breath testers in the market. Be sure you have one of our AlcoSense portable breathalysers on hand to breath test yourself and make an informed decision.

Reliable and easy to use

Our alcohol testing devices are built to be sturdy, long lasting, and reliable. That’s why we are proud to offer the AlcoSense Guarantee. The guarantee extends the device’s warranty up to a lifetime as long as they’re calibrated every 6 months since purchase. No matter where you buy them from, our breath testers are ready to use out of the box. Each unit comes with AA or AAA batteries and use a simple one-button operation to start.

We highly recommend getting a device with fuel cell sensor technology. They may be more expensive, but they are alcohol-specific, reliable and more long lasting than the cheaper semiconductor models. These breathalysers are comparable to the devices used by the police to check for your alcohol tolerance level, but be mindful that these are for personal use, and is solely an indicator of how much you drank.. Our breathalysers come with a digital 3- or 4- digit LCD display that provides clear and easy-to-read results even at night. Just contact us if you have any questions about our devices.

Best personal breathalyzers

We pride ourselves not only on producing excellent devices but also on providing an amazing after-sales customer experience. Additionally, we offer calibration management plans to make managing calibrations easier for customers. All of our alcohol testing devices are certified to the Australian Standards (AS3547), and tested by SAI Global. Our support team is also available on email, phone, and live chat during business hours to assist you.

If you have questions regarding the best personal breathalyzer for yourself or would like more information on breathalysers, workplace breathalyzers or other products, feel free to contact us.