Andatech breathalyzers help to measure your alcohol level conveniently. Tested thoroughly for reliability, accuracy and durability, our alcohol breath testers are used by individuals and professionals in various industries. Do contact us if you’d like any assistance or recommendations. Browse our full range of breathalyzers below or contact us to speak to our team of specialists.

Buy Breathalyzers in Malaysia

A breathalyzer (or alcohol tester) is used to measure the subject’s alcohol level, and is widely used in law enforcement and high risk industries such as mining, construction and aviation, which enforce a zero alcohol tolerance on its employees. Andatech’s range of breathalyzers are ideal for all industries and have been tested thoroughly for reliability, accuracy and durability. Our alcohol breath testers are used by individuals and professionals in various industries including medicine, construction, mining, and aviation. Our range also includes a police breathalyzer for law enforcement use. Whether you’re after a portable breathalyzer for personal use, government or workplace alcohol testing, Andatech has the right one for you. For workplace or industrial alcohol test, choose either a portable breathalyzer to use from site to site, or a fixed or wall mounted alcohol test machine for mining sites or oil rigs.

Andatech’s point of difference when it comes to alcohol testing is our excellent before and after sales service. We offer breathalyzer trade in programs, breathalyzer rental, breathalyzer training, and most importantly, a hassle-free and competitive calibration management process to make maintaining your Andatech breathalyzer as easy and reliable as possible. Additionally, all our breathalyzers are covered by the Andatech Guarantee, which entitles you to an extended warranty!

Accurate Breath Test Results

We put all our breathalyzers through extensive research and testing to ensure the highest level of accuracy, durability and reliability.

A majority of our breath alcohol detectors are Australian Standard AS3547 Certified, meaning that they have been tested and certified to be accurate, reliable, and perform better than other alcohol breath testers in the market without it. Additionally, the breathalyzer Australia Standards give you assurance that our alcohol breath analysers are serviceable and well-supported through a strict control process as a safety device. Just check out many genuine breathalyzer reviews from our customers.

Breathalyzer for Enforcement and Compliance

Whilst breathalyzers are more commonly utilised by the police and individuals, many alcohol-related crimes and injuries happen within the workplace. If one or more employees have an addiction to alcohol, or are consistently arriving at work intoxicated, you need a fast and accurate means to gauge their blood alcohol levels. It is paramount for employers to promote a safe and productive work environment to ensure the general health and wellbeing or everybody within it. Andatech alcohol breath testers are known for providing fast and reliable results so that you can quickly and efficiently breath test your staff members. Additional features such as custom data input, data syncing and built-in printers also make record keeping and accountability much more efficient for alcohol policy enforcement and compliance.

Best Breathalyzers on the Market

Andatech breathalyzers offer a non-invasive means to test your staff and are ideal for fast random checks, to police your workplace, without taking up too much of your precious time. We pride ourselves on the premium quality of our breath alcohol testers available online and their consistently accurate results for workplaces everywhere. Moreover, our industrial breathalyzers are equipped with the latest technologies and features such as touch screen, built-in printers, inbuilt GPS and WIFI connectivity, and more for instant, seamless data upload and security. Contact us to find out more.