Breathalyzer Calibration

Breathalyzer calibrations are important to maintain the accuracy and performance of any breathalyzer. Regular calibration can ensure that your alcohol breath tester and its internal compartments, especially the sensor, is performing accurately.

During a calibration service, the technician will check the breathalyzer against a controlled alcohol solution to determine its reading before being calibrated. The breathalyser will then be calibrated as required, which means that its sensor is re-adjusted to read an alcohol concentration (e.g. 0.05%BAC) as close to 0.05%BAC as possible.

Andatech Safety Pacific can provide professional calibration services for all AlcoSense and Andatech breathalyzers in Malaysia and neighbouring countries. Breathalyzers need to booked in with our office and shipped back to us. Calibrations will take 3-5 business days to complete before it is shipped back to you again.

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