Andatech Christmas Gift Ideas

With the recent rehash of the Andatech Malaysian website, we feel that it is necessary to launch a Christmas promotion! With that being said, we have decided to offer 15% off our personal breathalyzers, Hummer Jump Starter Powerbanks, and bodycamera!

That being said, we have prepared a short Christmas Gift Guide that hopefully will give you some Christmas gift ideas for you and your loved ones. Hopefully, some of these gifts will make your Christmas a little brighter- filled with joy and safety!


1. Portable Personal Breathalyser

Andatech Sobermate S5

The perfect Christmas gift idea for anybody- the portable personal breathalyser! With the new road amendments in place this year, what better way to surprise someone than giving them someone both practical, and sleek? 

Whether you’re heading out and about in town, or staying home with loved ones, it’s always good to know your BAC levels- regardless if you have to drive or not. It’s both a great way to monitor your drinking levels, but always a great way to know if you’re actually sober enough to drive home or out! 

Just a quick run-down of some breathalyser info for you: there are two main types of alcohol sensors used in breathalysers: semiconductor and electrochemical. Semiconductor breathalysers are more affordable, but less precise and stable. In contrast, Fuel Cell (electrochemical) sensors are more accurate, stable, and more selective to alcohol (i.e. do not react to tobacco and other substances which can be present in a breath sample). 


2. Hummer Jump Starter Power Banks

Hummer H3 Powerbank Jump-starter

Here's a gift idea for the loved ones who loves to drive around and always on the go. Surprise him or her with this Hummer Jump Starter Power Bank that can resurrect dead batteries of car, jet skis, or speedboats. It doubles as a power bank that can recharge any smartphone. Also, it can power up any 12V electrical devices such as a vacuum cleaner, air compressor, tyre inflator, waxer or polisher. It's perfect when your loved one is out on the road or if s/he just needs to power up any equipment without messy extension cables.


3. Car Dashcam

DriveSense Ranger Dashboard Car Camera

It’s hard to argue with a dashcam- the perfect Christmas gift ideas for him. Or even for her! Dashcams are great for concerned parents, road tripping, and even as a safety device. How would you be able to utilise a dashcam in these ways? Well, for starters, concerned parents who want to view the driving practices of their teenager are able to do so by having a dashcam installed into their car- not to mention the advantage it would give someone if they somehow managed to find themselves in a dangerous event on the road. 

Do you happen to have a friend who enjoys road tripping around? A higher memory capacity dashcam may be the perfect Christmas gift for her! As we all know, capturing fun moments is an important part of road trips, as those are memories that we can always revisit. Sure, we all have our phones and cameras, but what better way to record beautiful moments and scenery while on the road than having a dash cam mounted on board? 


4. Andatech Bodycam Professional 2

Andatech Bodycam Professional 2

Unlike many other forms of police technology, body-worn cameras can serve both law enforcement as well as the public. Body cameras worn by police can be useful for documenting police misconduct and use of force, but footage can also be used to perform surveillance on both people that police interact with and third parties who might not even realize they are being filmed. If you are a civilian or security personnel that would like to use a bodycam to record incidents, our Andatech Bodycam Professional 2 may be just the right fit for you!